Hello & Welcome!

# Intro

I am a DevOps/SRE Engineer currently working in London, UK. I'm originally from Colombo, Sri Lanka

# Reach me at:

Email | Github | LinkedIn

# Why?

I bought this domain to host some services I have running at my home. Then i thought why not have a small 1 pager running and Voila! This page was born.

# Finally

You're welcome to explore this domain although there's not much here

I polietly ask that you don't try to break anything behind here. If you somehow manged to then please let me know so I can learn from what you did.

All services behind this domain are listed in my Github

# Inspired By

I suck at design, frontend or anything that interacts with humans. So thanks to below places for making my brain work to come up with this

motherfuckingwebsite | 512KB Club